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The Herbal Hub has been created to bring those who have set standards of excellence for herbal medicine to help you make your best health care decisions. This site is their forum to share their passion, commitment and knowledge with as many as possible.

With the increasing cost and medicalisation of health care the best prospects for herbal medicine will be as part of a wider move to self care – where we are all encouraged to take on more of our own health care. Plant remedies can be ideal for this. The Herbal Hub pilots and links to a wider initiative to offer good self care tools which is being developed by the Sustaincare Community Interest Company, registered in England to trade in the public interest. Sustaincare’s mission is to provide  ‘health care that anyone can do‘. Under the OurMedicine brand it is building a new evidence-base and educational programme for community approaches to health care. Sustaincare has recently taken management of the impressive Self Care Library, created with the support of the UK Department of Health, and which is featured on this site.

Lead developer of the Herbal Hub is Simon Mills. Simon has worked in the premiere herbal league for 35 years. He is Cambridge University graduate in medical sciences who has seen thousands of patients as a herbal practitioner in Exeter England since 1977.  He has led the main professional and trade organizations for herbal medicine in the UK (featured below) and served on Government and House of Lords committees.  He has long been involved in academic work: in Exeter he co-founded the first University centre for complementary health studies in 1987, the first integrated health programme at a UK medical school in 2003, and from 2002 the first Masters Programme in herbal medicine in the USA. Since 1997 he has been Secretary of a European network of experts in herbal medicine (ESCOP – see below) and on its behalf from 1994-97 led the first major EU-wide scientific project in herbal medicines. From 1993 he created, and led the development of EXTRACT, a powerful database tool to help those using herbal medicines in practice: the Herbal Hub will be the platform for this facility. Simon is Managing Director of Sustaincare.


The British Herbal Medicine Association has represented the responsible herbal medicine sector in the UK since 1964 and now speaks for those producing registered and licensed herbal medicines. It has published some of the leading reference textbooks for those producing and using herbal medicines.

The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy ( ESCOP) is a leading European network of specialists in herbal medicine. Since its founding in 1989 ESCOP has produced formal monographs on the main herbal medicines in Europe in conventional medicine dossier format for the European Medicines Agency. These monographs are available, as textbooks and increasingly as downloadable pdfs from its website.


ESCOP Herb Reference iPhone ® App

The ESCOP Herb Reference is an app that lists over 100 herbs and their uses for a range of everyday conditions. It is distilled from ESCOP’s reference texts. You can search for the condition that most interests you. In each case there will be a list of herbs that are appropriate, by either English or scientific name. When you choose a herb you will see from its lists of uses how it matches your personal needs. For each herb there is also useful information on minimum quality standards and relevant safety and dosage information. This is particularly useful when so many herbal products are sold without quality standards and clear information to users.
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Graduates and faculty of the masters degree programme in herbal medicine at the Tai Sophia Institute have uniquely well-grounded experience in the real life effects of herbs and are well placed to help people make an informed choice of indigenous North American and European plant remedies. Many helped with the production of the EXTRACT database and all now form a powerful community of specialists across the USA.


Kerry Bone is Founder and Principal of the Australian College of Phytotherapy and has with Simon co-written the standard textbooks used by trainee and experienced herbal practitioners around the world.

  • Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy (1999 and 2013)
  • The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety (2005)

He also writes other seminal texts for practitioners that are featured in the Herbal Hub bookstore.

Members of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy are specialists in the practice of western herbal medicine in the UK. Two Council members, Peter Conway and Alex Laird are Directors with Simon of Sustaincare and lead the way in steering herbal medicine to new roles in the community and health care.