Reliable help in choosing the best natural remedies?

Where can you go?

We bring together the best advice we can find and point you to products that have been independently checked out*

We have a network of people in the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia who are known to be good at this, who have practised with herbal medicine for many years, who have studied and taught the subject and written the key books. They have integrity and passion for this work and can translate the best evidence and long experience into sensible everyday advice for everyone. This is our network – this site is its hub.

We know herbs well and reckon they deserve consideration. However we also know that they should be used wisely. We will tell you where they are worth a try, and also where we think you should be cautious.

We will make this the most trusted herbal self care resource you can find.

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* Our product range starts in the UK where there are European registered herbal medicines that have to meet rigorous quality standards, deliver agreed doses, and are provided with full information on safe use.